Often seen as the original humans, the Thronelanders are the descendants of the Nine Kings of Men. Therefore most Thronelanders have traces of elvish blood, and are therefore slightly more long lived than other humans.

Still living in their ancestral Throneland, every Thronelander is a member of the nine Shield Families that founded the land and still rule it. They put a lot of faith in their traditions and, and they are the only humans in Trudvang who still worship Whote as their god. 

In the year 927 in the Age of the Prophets, thousands of Thronelanders followed Hallawén the Deathless in the Great Exile. The exiles created a kingdom in what now is Vortland, long before the arrival of the Broti or Kemori peoples. When they were driven out by wildfolk and bastjurs, they didn't return to Throneland, but instead created a new culture in what was to become Majnjord. This new sister-culture, the Ostrons, still have allot in common with the Thronelanders, and a lot of respect for their heritage, and modern Throneland now have very good relations with Majnjord.

A people who value knowledge and skill, the Thronelanders say that there are three noble arts. The Art of Speech, the Art of the Saddle and the Art of the Sword. One who master all three gain the title Ollam, meaning "perfect". 


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