The Ostron Way

The Ostron Way is the most common name for the traditions and rituals practiced by the majority of the people living in Mittland. While many the variations are many, and a lot of Mittlanders have stared to mix the traditions even more by incorporating teachings of Nideism as well, there are still a lot of common ground.

Yggdhraasil, the Story of Creation

Othwa, the Land of Heroes

Kings, Flowras and Heroes

While the Ostron still look upon Whote as their creator, they no longer worship him as a god. Instead they revere powerful spirits of nature known as Flowras, and great heroes of old.


Sometimes known as the Six, Flowras are powerful forces of nature revered by the Ostrons. Two of the Six were once human, and were given enough power that they could no longer be counted as mortal, while the origins of the other four are shrouded in mystery.

The Flowras include:

  • Athwyn, the Great Eagle
  • Magh, the Flowra of Destiny
  • Morgu, the Flowra of War
  • Neman, the Flowra of Freedom
  • Nyneveh, the Lady in the Lake
  • Tanhja, the Flowra of the Forest.

Which heroes are worshipped varies wildly from village to village, or even family to family. If a family can trace their ancestry to a specific hero, one can be sure that that hero is the most revered in that family. A specific hero can also be looked upon as a force of good by some or an evildoer by some, depending on how the stories have developed over the years.

Some of the most wellknown heroes include the Nine Kings of Men, Hallawén the Deathless, Dun Bvidar and Pwynd Lindwurmsbane.

Other Deities

Aside from heroes and Flowras there are two other entities that figure prominently in the traditions of the Ostrons.

Otwholk is the guardian of Othwa. He roams the mists that separates Othwa from Trudvang, guarding both against those who have no right to enter, or those who try to leave. He either takes the form of a wight on a skeletal horse, or a black-as-night lindwurm.

Shurd is the Lord of Darkness and Dragons. An evil demi-god, he have had shackles smithed to trap all the free folk of Trudvang and it was he who led the dragons in the war against the gods.



Keepers of the Ostron Way

The Skwildhug
The Guardians of Yggdhraasil

The Ostron Way

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