Half-Troll (Character Creation)

"Once upon a time ago,
He wanted to be friends,
People saw him as a troll,
That's not where the story ends."

Since humans and trolls started sharing the world of Trudvang, people have known about the existence of half-trolls. Some half-trolls rise to become proud chieftains of troll clans, their human blood giving them an edge over their full-blooded troll rivals. Some venture into the world to prove their worth among humans and other more civilized races. Many of these become adventurers, achieving greatness for their mighty deeds and notoriety for their barbaric customs and savage fury.

One of Two Extremes

The circumstances leading up to the birth of a half-troll are many and varied. Contrary to most human beliefs, there are actually half-trolls that come from loving, albeit brief, relationships. But, there are also many stories of how humans have been tricked by trolls to help them increase their ranks, and more than on half-troll being born months after a troll raid. Most half-trolls are big and daft, some small and clever, but they all have thier difficulties to really fit in the human cultures.

Half-trolls exist in all lands of Trudvang, but they get a very different reception depending on where they live and what kind of troll parentage they have. One on hand you have the greymen and the farmrisers, who with their great strength often find jobs as warriors or strongmen. In the Stormlands, where most things are measured by strength, they can actually find quite a good living, even if they'll never become a jarl. Among the wildfolk, they can often reach positions of actual power, and many a tribes have had half-troll Destroyers. In Mittland and Wastermark they can find places, but not quiet as easily as in the east and the north.

They bytings generally have it harder to find a place among humans. Not as big or strong as their larger brethren, they have to make their way through life through wit and trickery. In the human civilizations they often end up as thieves in the cities, or maybe as a Trickster in a wildfolk tribe. However, they have it far easier taking control among actual trolls. Being born from a human and a forest troll, they are generally both smarter and stronger than full blooded forest trolls, and many bytings learn to make such a clan do their bidding.


There are three distinct type of half-trolls, all with their own characteristics. However, they have some similarities. In all cases, both ears and nose are often a lot bigger, and often a lot hairier when compared to humans. Their hair often grows quite wild, and many, though definitely not all, have a short, cow-like tail. The skin is often a bit leathery, with the byting and the farmriser often have light brown skin, the greyman a dull grey colour. All half-trolls have dark brown or black hair, with their eyes either yellow or brown with yellow dots. The biggest difference between them are the size. While the byting is more akin to a buratja or borjornika in height, standing around four or five feet tall, the greyman and the farmriser are almost always taller that the tallest human, with the tallest farmrisers coming close to eigth feet tall.


Half-trolls use the same naming traditions as the culture they grew up in. If raised by trolls, the probably only have one personal name. Troll names are made up by a random collection of prefix and sufixes. They often end in the sufix -a (in the case of a female) or -e (in the case of a male). Chieftains commonly invents a new name when they take the position, often by jamming together a couple of words they find impressive. Let it be said that no troll would ever think of this in the terms here used.

Fiske (male)
Rota (female)
Stoorklubba (chieftain, literally "great club")

Troll pre-/sufixes examples: A-, alk-, arg-, bark-, boll-, bolk-, dabb-, dumm-, e- erk-, fisk-, flöt-, fot-, ful-, gurl-, halv-, hark-, i-, il-, jol-, klubb-, kull-, lill-, lov-, mull-, murk-, must-, nal-, o-, or-, putt-, päls-, rull-, röt-, stor-, tand-, tuv-, yt-, yx-.

Starting Equipment

Half-trolls start with the same kind of equipment as the culture they wer raised in. If raised by trolls, use the Wildfolk starting equipment (but smellier).

Half-Troll Traits

Ability Score Increase – Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Size – Half-Trolls differ greatly in size, depending on their subrace.
Speed – Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision – Accustomed to life underground, you have superior vision in dim conditions. You can see in darkness within 60 feet of you as if it were dim light, and in dim light as if it was bright light.
Languages – You speak either Bastjumal, Roena, Vildvrok or Vrok, depending on where you grew up. The Loremaster can permit you to know how to write or that you speak more languages.
Religion – Half-Trolls generally follow the religion of the people they were raised by, but some tries to find out more about the culture of the other parent instead.
Subrace – You choose one of the three subraces, Byting, Greyman or Farmriser (all are detailed at the end of this description).



As a byting, you are the offspring of a forest troll and a human. You are smaller than most humans (and most other half-trolls), but you make up for this in cunning and dexterity.

Ability Score Increase – Your Dexterity score increases by 2.
Size – The smallest of all the half-trolls, bytings seldom stand more than 5 feet tall, weighing around 120 pounds. Your size is Small.
Cunning Trickster – You gain proficiency in the Deception skill.
Brave as a Forest Troll - You have advantage on all saving throws caused by fear.


The greyman is the most commonly seen half-troll, being the offspring of a grey troll and a human. Though not necessarily as stupid as their troll half would suggest (grey trolls are widely recognized as the least intelligent of all trolls) you probably find more work using your strength instead of your wit.

Ability Score Increase - Your Strength score increases by 2.
Size - Most often taller than humans, a greyman can often stand around 6 feet tall, weighing up to 220 pounds or more.
Descendant of Scavengers - You gain proficiency with the Survival skill.
Grey Trolls Endurance - You can focus yourself to occasionally shrug off injury. When you take damage, you can use your reaction to roll a d12. Add your Constitution modifier to the number rolled, and reduce the damage by that total. After you use this trait, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.


Scholars often disagree about whether the riser is a big troll or a small giant. Regardless of their debates, you are the offspring on one.

Ability Score Increase – Your Constitution score increases by 1 additional point, and your Strength score increases by 2.
Size – Farmrisers stand around 7 feet tall, weighing between 260 and 330 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Menacing - You gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill.
Riser Rage - When you are reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, you can drop to 1 hit point instead. You can’t use this feature again until you finish a long rest.

Half-Troll (Character Creation)

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