Gerbanis is the the religion most prevalent in the Stormlands, but variations of it is also practiced some tribes of Wildfolk. It's followers worship the Sturmasira, a host of gods led by Stormi, the Father and the Warrior, and regularly commits sacrifices in the Storm Gods' honour.

Vonabjart, the Creation

Havafall, the End of the World


The deities of Gerbanis can be divided in three big groups, the Sturmasira, the Hvergelift and the Vanerlifr. Aside from these groups there are a number of entities with a place in the myths and stories, but they don't have much function in daily life aside from the role in those stories.

Sturmasira, the Storm Gods

The Sturmasira, are the main deities of the gerbanis faith. They are led by Stormi, the Father and the Warrior, and fight an ever raging battle against the Hvergelift and the Vanerlifr, the gods of chaos and death, respectively.

The Sturmasira include Stormi, Vinda, Jorn, Solvei, Tyrd, Enken, Nattra, Vigdis and Hagal.

Hvergelift, the Chaos Gods

The Hvergelift, is the antithesis to the Sturmasira. While the Death Gods of the Vanerlifr is seen as a necessary evil, or even representation of the natural passing of life and death, most Stormlanders view the Hverglift as pure evil. Led by Helfrigg, one of the Sturmasira who was cast out by Stormi, they live by Hvergelmir, the cauldron were the winds surrounding Trudvang originate from. There they plot for Havafall, while cooking the bodies of all those who couldn't get through the storms to Helgardh or Stormwatch.

The Hvergelift include Helfrigg, Draugrahim, Hlökk, Illigri and Kaldragga.

Vanerlifr, the Death Gods

Bodvildur, the leader of the Vanerlifr, was once of the Sturmasira. However, since Stormi asked her to become the caretaker of the dead and she moved to Helgardh, she has become something else. Now the Mistress of Helgardh, Bodvildur is seen as one of the three most powerful deities of Gerbanis together with Stormi and Helfrigg, capable of forcing dragons and the strongest spirits of the dead to her service with a single gaze.

To help her guard the gates of Helgardh she created the Five Guardians. The siblings are called Modgun, Mogunda, Moga, Mogrand and Modgil, and they each guard one of the gates into the realm of the dead. Because of his foretold role in Havafall, Mogunda is the most well known of the Guardians. He carries the sword Nagelbite, who is said to be made out of the nails of dead humans.




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