This is a list of herbs, potions and ointments that can be found in Trudvang.

Black Heather
A short plant with small black flowers that is found all over Trudvang, but both it and it's use are concentrated to the Stormlands. However, it is mildly addictive, so one should be weary in it's usage.
Chewing the flowers of black heather gives a character advantage
on all saving throws against Corruption for 1 week.

A rare herb, gaveblossom is a thin but tall blue flower. Three stalks cooked in water produces a sour, but healing potion.
Drinking a potion made from gaveblossom allows a character to
immediately recover 2 Hit Dice.

These are bright, yellow flowers that appear when the
winter snows start melting away. They turn dark and
dreary bogs into pleasant places, and thus may trick
unwary travellers into entering the dangerous terrain
they grow upon.
Wearing a necklace or bracelet of freshly woven Kingcups
makes a character lucky for a 1d4+1 days. Whenever a
lucky character rolls a 1 on a d20 for an attack roll, ability
check, or saving throw, you can re-roll the die and must
use the new roll.

Shadow-thorn is a dark black lichen that grows in small
clumps on trees within the depths of Trudvang's forests. Despite its somewhat sinister appearance, shadow-thorn is a beneficial plant that helps draw off
toxins. Once ground into a fine powder, shadow-thorn
can be used to make a potion capable of neutralizing
many poisons.
A character who drinks a shadow-thorn potion gains
advantage on saving throws against poison for 1 hour.

Small berries that almost look like small plums, with a hard seed in the middle. Yellow berries fortifies the body, while the rare red troll-berry is said to reinforce the fighting spirit. The name comes from a collection of physical side effect that can appear if one eats to many berries for too long a time. These include yellowish irises and teeth, and longer, nose and nails.
A character who eats a yellow berry automatically gets the full Hit Die value of any Hit
Dice spent to regain hit points during their next short rest.
A character eats a red berry adds +2 damage to all melee weapon attacks made
for the next hour.

Wound's Comfort
Wound's Comfort is a yellowish salve made from the horns of a moose, juniper berries, water and birch sap.
Applying Wound's Comfort allows a character to
immediately regain 1d4+1 hit points.


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